What types of treatments are used?

Treatments may include:

Controlled stretching – Develops flexibility and aids in balancing musculature.

Flexion Distraction – A method that aids in reducing compression in the low back.

Therapeutic Ultrasound – Uses sound waves to generate heat deep that assists in soft tissue remodeling.

Joint Manipulation – Frees fixations that may develop in joints causing restricted motion.

Interferential Stimulation – Uses safe electric currents to alter muscle tone, aid in tissue repair and decrease pain.

Manual Strength Training Exercises – Helps to develop core strength essential to proper musculoskeletal care.

Swiss Ball Exercises – Helps patients develop stabilizer muscle strength and awareness – essential in preventing injury.

Elastic Tubing Exercises – Provides resistance to strengthen muscles through sport- or activity-specific movements (e.g. throwing).

Moist Heat – Useful in reducing muscle spasm and promoting relaxation.

Cryotherapy – The use of ice/cold to help minimize inflammation and decrease the sensation of pain.

Therapeutic Massage – Helpful in decreasing muscle spasm, lengthening shortened soft tissues and decreasing muscular imbalances.

Myofascial Release – deep tissue technique used to break up adhesions/scar tissue