What treatments are used most frequently?

Treatments are designed to help minimize pain while promoting tissue healing, increase strength and restoration of normal or near-normal function.

The nature of treatment will depend upon several factors, including how far into the healing process the tissue is when treatment begins.

When tissues are injured they go through a number of different phases of repair. For instance, when soft-tissues such as muscles, ligaments or tendons are injured the body responds by laying down fibrous tissue to take the place of or bind the torn tissue.

The manner in which this tissue integrates with the existing tissue depends on the motion the tissue experiences during remodeling. If little-to-no motion is involved a scar will form within the tissue that will ultimately restrict its natural direction of movement.

It is imperative that a normal range of motion be established as soon as possible while taking care to minimize the risk of further tissue damage. This can be accomplished through appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises as well as through the use of soft tissue manipulation techniques.