What other conditions do you treat?

Our primary objective is the conservative management of conditions that respond well to “hands-on” approaches, with the intent of minimizing the need for surgery and drug therapy.

The following a partial list of conditions we have had success treating:

Cervicogenic Headaches – these originate in the soft tissues of the neck and upper back; often developing after “whiplash”- type injuries

Neck and Upper Back Pain – arising either from injury or postural syndromes

Low Back Pain – Forward bending/lifting Injuries – may involve damage to discs and when severe, can cause tingling and weakness in the legs and feet

Hip and Thigh – Often hip pain often is a dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint

Knee – ligament/tendon injuries usually resulting from excessive forces

Foot/Ankle – Inversion Sprains, Joint dysfunction

Shoulder – Instability/Impingement – common among athletes whose sport involves overhand throwing

Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow – usually from overstressed tendons

Forearm – entrapment syndromes – nerves of the forearm can become compressed by “scar tissue” arising from repetitive movement – leads to tingling, altered sensation and weakness

Muscle Imbalances – Common patterns involving tight hip and low back muscles combined with weak gluteal and abdominal muscles

Myofascial Trigger Points –¬† Hyperirritable¬† spots within muscle that are painful when pressed and produces well-defined referred pain patterns