What may I expect during my first appointment?

A new patient seeing any of the Chiropractors on staff can expect to receive a thorough evaluation that includes the following:

A Detailed History of the Injury or Complaint – This includes questions about how the problem began, what factors improve or exacerbate the condition, any previous injuries that might be related to the current complaint and any relevant medical and family history.

The Physical Exam – may include any of the following: Active and Passive Range of Motion Testing, Sensory Testing, Strength Testing, Instability Testing, Soft Tissue Evaluation, Joint Integrity Testing.

Special Studies – When necessary, referrals for X-rays, MRI’s or CT Scans, are requested, depending on the nature of the tissues requiring evaluation.

A Review of Findings –  a detailed explanation of the results of the History, Physical Exam and Special Studies.

Treatment Plan – provides specific details about how the condition in question will be addressed, what is expected of the patient, the duration of treatment and what changes the patient might expect to see over the course of time.