Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is general in nature. It is intended as a overview of preliminary questions asked by new patients. Instructions and treatments are highly individual. Don’t hesistate to call for more specific information. (408) 358-9800

The links below answer frequently asked questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, most insurance but not all. Click the section title link above for more detailed information and to learn about our cash discount.

What may I expect during my first appointment?

Treatment plans are personalized depending upon a number of factors. Click the above link for an overview of the type of treatments likely to be used.

What types of treatments are used?

In addition to the traditional adjusting techniques, there are many tools in the Rational Chiropractic kit. Some include: Controlled stretching, Flexion Distraction, Therapeutic Ultrasound and many others. Click the link above to see an overview of our techniques.

Which treatments are used most frequently?

The nature of treatment depends upon several factors, including how far into the healing process the tissue is when treatment begins. Click the link to learn more…

What causes low back pain?

Click the link to read what some prominent MD’s and DC’s have to say…

What other conditions do you treat?

Click the link above for a partial list of conditions we have successfully treated.